Why do we Sparkle?

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We sparkle in hope to brighten up someone's day

Image by Fallon Travels
Hi, Hello and Welcome to our site. 
I thank you so much for visiting my page and taking an interest in my new adventure. 
My wish is to build a family brand with strong values to give gift boxes that are packed with Love, that are Bold & Affordable. 
Our mission is to provide gift boxes that will brighten up someone's day. 
I have created my boxes with my loved ones in mind, over the difficult times, unable to travel so freely as we did before, I want to send my love and support to those I hold dear. but have struggled to find the gift I was looking for.
Starting a business online is a scary ambition, however, my journey so far has been so exciting, I can't sleep. Every day I get one step closer to share my boxes with you and that brings me so much joy. 
So as I continue to build my boxes, Please follow us or Subscribe below so we can keep you in the loop of your next steps. 
Thank you 
Sparkle Chief

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